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Plane Usage
Plane Produce & Change
In Factory tab, click 'produce' button on the plane that you want to make, check whether you fulfill the requirements for the plane, and then press 'ok' button. You'll get 2 Tech Point for every level up, which is required for producing plane. For planes over level 42 you need corresponding blueprint and materials in order to produce the plane.
You can start using the produced plane by clicking on the 'change' button on the desired plane.
Plane Type
1. Fighter : High speed and mobility. Strong in air combat.

2. Bomber : Low speed, suitable for bombarding ground target facilities.

3. Gunner : Specializes in repairing/supporting. Suitable for team play.

4. You can basically equip Machine Gun / Cannon / Secondary Weapon / Bomb / Rear Machine Gun for all planes.

Machine Gun - The very basic weapon of a plane. Heats up when used for long period of time, causing the machine gun unable to use for certain period of time.

Cannon - Stronger than machine gun, but limited ammo. Can be equipped only on planes higher than certain level.

Secondary Weapon - Rockets can be equipped on Fighter planes only. They are shot toward direct front and attacks enemies in air or on ground.

Missiles can be equipped on Gunner planes only. It locks-on enemies within certain distance and guided toward them when shot.

Aerial Mines can be equipped on Bomber planes only. They are planted in the air from the plane's rear, and give damage to the plane that was chasing you.

Bomb - Bomb is a weapon specialized for ground targets. When you select this secondary weapon the view changes so that you're facing the ground, and a green circle shows where bomb is targeted. Bombers can equip stronger bombs.

Rear Machine Gun - Rear Machine Guns are fired automatically when enemy comes near the rear of your plane. Limited models of Gunner and Bomber can equip it.
Producing and changing planes
You can upgrade your planes in the factory tab. Each plane have 5 upgrade slot. Each slot stands for one attempt of upgrade, which requires different level, Ghem, and Tech point.
Supposing that you try upgrading all five slots, the former slots have higher success rate while the latter slots have lower success rate. If your upgrade attempt fails, that slot is broken and cannot be upgraded. Be careful, the used Ghem and Tech points are not refundable.

But, by using items from Premium Shop, you can get the Ghem and Tech points back that were used. You can upgrade premium planes by purchasing and using Premium Upgrade Kit from Primium Shop.
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