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Gamigo, Playhis accts Loggin problem
Name : zigy     Date : 13-07-23 03:03
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cannot loggin my Gamigo and Playhis accts
no error messages, just hang, no response...

GamesCampus, Game&Game accounts works fine but
my Main accts r on the Gamigo and Playhis

Please fix this issue 

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 nevernik  13-07-23 12:38
Did you create accounts on Gamigo server (and transfered to EU server), on EU server or you are referring to characters/toons created by account from GC server on EU server?
Also you can\"t login into web site (which one or or or or into HIS game server?
Also without posting account names can you tell did they have the same nicknames as your GC accounts?
 zigy  13-07-23 19:14
1] my Gamigo acct was created more than 3years ago. it was the only way to make an acct. at the time.  and i logged in this just about 10 days ago. (i dont understand what is \\\"transfering to EU srv.\\\"..)

2] i can loggin to web site. thats why i can ask for help here Playhis acct was made on ( was the only site at the time.
 There were no or existed when i create this acct.

3] all of my GC accts nicknames r tagged with [US] as a prefix, so none of them r having \\\"exsisting nickname\\\" issue
 nevernik  13-07-23 19:28
Ok, so you use EU client and when you login it just hang on, so it all go ok with update check, and you get to login screen?
Did you restarted your router recently? Also did you had any update to your firewall/antivirus also?
Also when did this happen? Maybe you tried when we had maint and one of typical behaviors are like that when login server is down...
 nienke  13-07-24 07:51
As for log in name (ID), did you use the same name to enter Gamigo, playhis and Gamescampus?
 zigy  13-07-24 11:30
As for log in name (ID), did you use the same name to enter Gamigo, playhis and Gamescampus?
  -i\\\"ve been playing HIS more than 3 years....i know how to loggin...
  each ID has unique names, i dont have \"same loggin name\"
 nienke  13-07-25 02:47
just asking, since that was an issue of one of the other players having same ID just different passwords on all the services...
So send in a 1:1 about the gamigo and playhis ID\"s maybe they can fix it for you
 zigy  13-07-25 21:18
Dont have a clue what has happened but finally i can loggin to Gamigo and Playhis accts.
hope it wont happen again...

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