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We are trying to entering STEAM!
Name : hisgm     Date : 14-06-18 07:51
Hits : 36,993  

Hello Pilots.

H.I.S - Steam Greenlight voting is 16 days today, and many people voted!

Thanks for your attentions and we are waiting for your more support.


Hallo Piloten. 

die HIS - Steam Greenlight Abstimmung gibt es nun schon 16 Tage, und viele Menschen haben gewählt! 

Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit und wir hoffen in Zukunft auf weitere Unterstützung von euch. 


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 hulkster12  14-06-21 10:13
* 비밀글 입니다.
 mrpeikoff  14-10-14 06:43
ya im with moka here fix the damn his dollars u owe us still 0 on my gamer83
 stanisaa  14-10-16 04:54
This is a big shit!
 Starlancer_R  14-10-23 13:58
Can\"t log in, Even though i registered.  Game can\"t decide what language it\"s in or what language the log in form is in.  I played this game before and i was pretty fun, but now...  What am i supposed to do? vote to see if it dies on steam while sky rogue flys high...  I\"m going to play sky rogue now because when i log in it doesn\"t swear at me in german.
 _Vu_Jockey  14-11-29 21:32
So first I hear 10-30-2014, now its going to be 11-30-2014, and you probably can bethat will fly right by and we will be looking at 12-31, 1-31, 2-31 so on.

So what gives GM, to busy on another server to pay mind to us, no events, no drops, no specials, nothing. shoot your to busy to answer 1:1 support. I guess we call ourselves lucky you can find the time to flip a switch and turn the server back on from so called maint ever tues. which is pointless to post about, theres no info on what is being done, (turn off, wait an hour, turn on) whoopeee.

So how about telling us what is really going on, you took over the server from Games Campus over a yr ago, had an opening event and then threw it in a closet only keep it running for that spare change that trickles in here and there.
 mavandmandy  14-12-18 04:05
just another thing the game tred to tell us so we stayed but we see that it will never hapen
 Menhir  15-01-09 04:32
Seems this game got Greenlight....
Look at the greenlight link and it says Steam has contacted the developers to set the entry of HIS in motion.

So what will happen next....
 soulreaver1975  15-01-26 22:40
* 비밀글 입니다.
 soulreaver1975  15-01-29 06:40
* 비밀글 입니다.

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