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[Event] HIS Opening Event
Name : admin     Date : 12-11-06 02:16
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[Event] HIS Opening Event

Here we go to celebate the Opening of HIS.
Hope you everyone enjoys.

-Event Period: November 2, 2012 ~ November 30, 2012

-Announcement for prize winner: December 7, 2012 (Friday)

-Details: Everyone who reaches level 30 during the event period will receive all of the following event prizes

*Speed Leveler : Reduces repair fee by 5% and raises EXP by 10% when equipped
*Quest 1D (7Days) ? Allows maximum of (10) acceptable quests. 
*Exp Mascot Lv50 (7Days) ? While equipped, acquired EXP+300%. Only 1 mascot can be equipped by players between Lv1 ~ Lv50. 
*Lucky Box Ticket (5pcs.) ? A ticket that allows the use of Gacha in the cash shop. (Can acquire Premium planes with certain percentage) 
*Pre. Upgrade Kit: Can upgrade premium plane for better performance.

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[Event] HIS Opening Event
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[Event] HIS Opening Event
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